Put your keys and remote controllers aside

Doors know you!

The key and remote controllers are always with you

Hoom is your smart key

With Hoom, you can put your keys aside, they will all be in your smartphone. the only device that is always with you.


man with phone
اپلیکیشن هوم و درب هوشمند

The smart door needs Hoom device

For using Hoom, one of our devices should be installed on doors to make it smart.

add device
اپلیکیشن هوم و درب هوشمند

For all building members

Every user with access can open and close the door with Hoom’s application on smartphones 

استفاده از اپلیکیشن هوم
man with phone2
اپلیکیشن هوم و درب هوشمند

Always in your pocket

The admin can give others temporary or permanent access, anywhere, any time.

اپلیکیشن هوم و درب هوشمند
man with phone

Experience smart doors

اپلیکیشن هوم و درب هوشمند

It is not just about opening doors

Security is priority

Hoom encryption gives you more security than your traditional keys and remote controllers.

Anytime , Anywhere

Give access to anyone to open the door permanently or temporarily and this is more secure.

access app
log app

Activity report

Check activity report on Hoom and remove any unauthorized access.

Old schools also turn into smart

Old keys and remote controllers still work but now you can check their activities.


Where to use?


Yes, we designed Hoom in a way that you can use them simultaneously

Since we use high range bluetooth maximum distance is 50 meters

Yes by giving access to anyone now it is possible


 Yes, it is. You can download it from either App Store or Google Play Store

Garage door, Gate operatore , Roller shutter doors ‘ Electric lock and etc

It is highly secure because all data is encrypted

It is plug and play but in case you need help our technicians are ready to assist


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ارسال شماره تلفن

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